Advertising is Everywhere


This afternoon after a coworker got back from lunch, I noticed a large yellow cup sitting on her desk. It had the Home Depot logo on it, so I questioned her if she had gone to Home Depot for lunch and when did they start selling drinks?? (Yes, I am blonde, but in my defense, some of them sell hot dogs.) She laughed and said that she went to Wendy’s. There was Home Depot advertising on the side of a Wendy’s cup.

Now, you may think I’m living in the dark ages, but I haven’t seen this. I’ve noticed advertising popping up in the weirdest places lately, but not at a fast food place. You have to remember, I’m not big on fast food. I prefer to drop my cash in small amounts at places like Walgreen’s.

What’s even more strange is that the other day when I went and got a hair cut, at the bottom of my receipt was an advertisement for football of all things. I made sure I kept that receipt so I could take a picture and share it here. I am hoping that I’m not the only one that’s noticing advertisements in weird places. First on a Great Clips receipt (I went to Great Clips this time instead of Super Clips!), and now on a Wendy’s cup. I think it’s a great marketing scheme, because you know people are going to see it both on cups and on receipts. At the same time, it’s sad because now you can’t really escape it.

Have you noticed advertising in weird places lately?

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5 thoughts on “Advertising is Everywhere

  1. Chris says:

    Eventually it’s going to be like in the movie BladeRunner – adverts everywhere!


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Ughhh that stinks. 🙁 I couldn’t believe there was advertising for Home Depot on a WENDY’S cup.


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