Fuel Frog Review



Fuel Frog Review

In the ongoing effort to save money on gas, I came across the website Fuelfrog.com. How Fuel Frog works is you create your account, log in, record how many miles you drove since you last filled up (I personally reset my trip odometer each time I fill up), price per gallon, and how many gallons you filled up with. After two recorded fill ups, you will have a nice little chart that tracks your fuel efficiency history. They have also allowed you to integrate your twitter account to Fuel Frog.

After 30 days, Fuel Frog tells you your average mile per gallon you are getting for your car. Pretty neat, isn’t it? Not only am I saving 4% back on each gallon of gas I buy, but I also know how much gas I am consuming so I can figure that into my budget a little better.  Fuel Frog is free, so give it a try!

What else are you doing to help save yourself money on gas?

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