A Review of Cash Crate


At the beginning of this month, I posted my earnings for May. I had decided that this month I was going to try and make more money this month. I started doing more Cash Crate offers to bump up my earnings. The reason I picked Cash Crate is because I think they are one of the best GPT sites out there.

How does it work? You sign up, fill out surveys, click to tell them that you’ve completed the survey, and after they confirm that you have completed it, you get paid! I notice with Cash Crate the approvals are a lot quicker than other GPT sites. I think this is such an easy way to make money! Of course, you aren’t going to get filthy rich doing this, but it will supplement your income a little. I enjoy it because I do see that they approve the offers quickly.

There is a $10 minimum payout, which is not too bad. You can easily achieve $10 by spending probably less than an hour completing offers. I like doing the 100% free ones because I don’t like giving my credit card number out over the internet to a bunch of different companies.

Do you do GPT sites? You should sign up for Cash Crate!

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