A Frugal Anniversary


86429894.jpgFour years ago, I married the love of my life.  We had a beautiful wedding at the church I attended throughout my life, took pictures at a beautiful park, and then went and partied with our friends and family members.  The last four years have been incredibly amazing, and I look forward to the rest of our lives together.  I remember when we were on our honeymoon we said we wanted to go back to Hawaii on our first anniversary. Hah.  Wishful thinking.  Instead, we drove out to Colorado to visit family.

A few months ago, we decided we wanted to go back for our five year anniversary, but we’ll have to see how life is next year.  Hopefully we’ll be having a baby!

The past four years have been financially rewarding as well.  We learned to live on a very small amount of money when Mr. Money was in culinary school, we paid off $36,000 in a short amount of time after he graduated, we bought a house, and bought a new car. I think we’re living a great life.

We decided we weren’t going to buy each other gifts and opted to spend the money on a weekend getaway.  With Mr. Money working 12 hour days as a chef, we really don’t get to spend too much time together so the money that it’s going to cost us to go on our getaway is worth it.  Of course, we’re going to do it frugally, so we’ll save money while we’re doing it.

This morning I went out to my car and found a card in the dashboard.  That was the most thoughtful and heartfelt gesture, and I appreciated that so much more than getting some gift that cost a bunch of money and takes up space around the house.  I am baking a cake tonight, I’m going to wear my wedding dress, we’ll dance to our first song, and then relax.  Sounds perfect to me!

Do you have frugal special occasions or do you go all out?

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13 thoughts on “A Frugal Anniversary

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  2. cavewoman says:

    Congrats on the anniversary! That sounds like a great way to celebrate.

    We have frugal special occassions and we have “blow out” occassions, too.

    For example: My husband and I are coming up on our one year anniversary. One of the things I have planned is to read to him from “the book of our marriage”. For the wedding, I bought a lovely wooden bound book for the guests to sign. What G. does not realize is that, over the year, I have making additional entries to the book———starting immediately after the wedding. On our anniversary, we will have a nice dinner and I will read to him from the book. And, since the first anniversary is paper——-I am giving us season tickets to our local theatre.

    The tickets give us an opportunity for “date night” several times a year——-support the local theatre ( which is within walking distance to our home). The hand-written mementos for the year: Our frugal choice. The tickets: My blowout choice.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    AWW That is such a great idea!! I love the heartfelt gifts. They mean so much after time!


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