9 Unique uses for Borax


Borax is a naturally occurring substance that is mined from the Mojave desert and other US States.  While borax is a natural substance, care should be taken when using borax.  It has been known to cause skin irritation in some people.  I use gloves when my skin is going to come into contact with it.  Better to be safe than sorry!  While mining the borax is not the most environmentally friendly option, it’s still greener than using normal toxic cleaners.  I buy borax now to make laundry detergent and clean my house, but there are many more uses for borax than that!  Here are some tips on how to use borax.

-Borax can be a natural flea killer. Sprinkle borax on your carpet, let it sit for a couple hours, and then vacuum up! Make sure you vacuum well so you don’t leave any behind.

-If you have an ant or roach problem, try mixing powdered sugar or honey with borax and leaving it in the problem area. The pests will be attracted to the sweetness, eat it and die from the gas caused by the borax!

-Borax is safe and effective as a natural drain cleaner. Mix one cup of borax with a half gallon of boiling water, pour down the drain, and wait. It will help remove grease from your drain! Borax is a great substitute for lye. It works just as well and is much easier to find. Lye is caustic and dangerous, and borax is not.

-Are you looking for a great toilet cleaner? Sprinkle one half of a cup of borax in your toilet and let it sit one hour. Go back and scrub the toilet with the solution. Your toilet will be sparkling clean and odor free!

-Do you avoid flame retardants in your children’s clothing? You can use borax to make the clothes naturally flame retardant. Mix 9 ounces of borax and 4 ounces of boric acid in a bucket with one gallon of water. Dip the item of clothing in the solution and hang dry. Since it’s a natural flame retardant, it will wash out in the wash, so do keep that in mind.

-Remove rust stains from your bathtub by mixing together borax and lemon juice to make a paste. Rub on the affected area and let it sit for a few minutes if it doesn’t remove right away.

-Do you have hard water? Borax can be used to soften water. Add 1 Tablespoon per quart of water to soften. Soft water will make soaps and shampoos work much better!

-Searching for a natural weed killer? Place borax in cracks and near the base of weeds you want to kill. Of course, be careful to not get borax near plants you want to keep as it will kill them!

-Borax is great for deodorizing. Use it in litter boxes, garbage pails, diaper genies, and other areas you want smell free. You can use borax in a similar way as baking soda; just be careful to not handle it too much.

Borax is an inexpensive cleaner that’s great to keep on hand. Pick up a box and keep it in your laundry room. You never know when you will need it!

Do you use borax? What have you used it for?

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15 thoughts on “9 Unique uses for Borax

  1. Money Beagle says:

    The thing you have to be careful of when placing anything in cracks to kill weeds is that runoff from rain / watering will often direct it towards plants or grass. I went pretty aggressive one year on the driveway, making sure to stay a few inches away from the grass, but after a rainstorm, there were brown spots near all the cracks and it had to be from what I was using rinsing down. So, think of runoff when using a product in cracks and perhaps consider something that kills weeds but that leaves grass alone.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Money Beagle- That’s crazy! Thanks so much for sharing!


  2. Little House says:

    These are some terrific tips! I have a huge box of 20 Mule Borax that my husband uses to make our laundry detergent. It’s amazing how flexible this stuff is!


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Little House- Why thank you, m’dear! 🙂


  3. Carol@inthetrenches says:

    Borax is also the best for curing salmon eggs for bait used in steelhead fishing according to the experts I have known.

    Do you know if your toilet cleaning method is septic safe? Most other products aren’t so this would be a great alternative.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Carol- Interesting!

    I have a septic system and looked and it looks pretty safe. I normally use baking soda instead, so you may want to give that a try!


  4. Kay Lynn @ Bucksome Boomer says:

    The word Borax makes me think of those old TV commercials. I don’t even notice it on the store shelves anymore (is it there?).


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Kay Lynn- I find it at my local grocery stores in the laundry aisle. It’s the 20 Mule Team Borax. 🙂


    Kay Lynn @ Bucksome Boomer Reply:

    It must be in mine then. I’ll have to look for it next time I’m at the grocery store.


  5. Mrs. Accountability says:

    My grandma did the borax and powdered sugar on a tin lid trick to attract and kill cockroaches. In my first home as an adult we ended up with a bad infestation of roaches and we poured Borax along the border of all the walls in our home and under the sinks. Amazingly within a couple of weeks we were completely roach free. I always keep a box of it around for extra cleaning power for clothing.


  6. Chelsie says:

    This isn’t a cleaning tip, but if you combine Borax, elmer’s glue and water (plus some food coloring), you can make slime with it. Like the gak stuff from the nineties. 🙂 It’s one of my 3 year old son’s favorite rainy day crafts.


  7. pests outside says:

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