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I was tagged by Little House in the Valley to take part in the “7 Links Project“. This project highlights 7 of my past posts that directly relate to the following 7 questions, sort of a “blast from the past” type project. Trip Base initiated this project with the intention of uniting bloggers and bringing to light old posts that may have not gotten as much attention due to the blog’s infancy at the time of posting. Without further adieu, I’ll address each of the 7 categories below.

Your most popular post – My post about “No Poo” is by far my most popular post.  I am always receiving comments and questions on this post, and it never ceases to amaze me the number of people that give it a try!  No poo is basically a method of washing your hair without shampoo.  It saves you money, limits the chemicals that touch your body, and is interesting, as it bucks the “normal” method of hair washing.

A post whose success surprised you Where Have All the Housewives Gone? At 78 comments and counting!  When I wrote this post, I didn’t expect it to be quite as controversial as it ended up becoming.  My stance on things is that I’m willing to listen to how others feel, so I always welcome views that are different from mine but respectful in tone.

The post that you are most proud of – The post where we finally became debt free, minus the mortgage.  I can’t stand debt, so it was such an amazing feeling knowing that we had paid everything off.  We don’t make a ton of money, so it’s even more rewarding to know that we accomplished so much by sacrificing and prioritizing.

Your most beautiful post –Maybe my post about considering adoption?  I don’t think a financial blogger normally writes beautiful posts, so that’s kind of hard. 

Your most helpful post – I think my deodorant recipe is very helpful!  I still use this deodorant recipe to make my deodorant, and it’s still working fabulously.  I like that when I run out, I just make more in my kitchen versus having to run to the store.  Love that!

Your most controversial Post – My post about “family cloth“, or cloth toilet paper, was pretty controversial.  It’s an interesting concept, but won’t work for everyone.   I think if you had a little one you were cloth diapering, it would be pretty easy. 

A post that didn’t get the attention it deserved –My post about natural laundry detergents was pretty interesting but didn’t seem to gain a lot of response.  Maybe everyone is making their own?

As part of the 7 Links Project, I have nominated the following bloggers:

* Living Well on Less
* Out of Debt Again
* Sense to Save

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