6 Reasons why you need to start investing in cryptocurrency


“There is quite a great hype about the cryptocurrency world and whether investors should bury their capital in this volatile market,” confirms Mark Taylor, a senior crypto expert at Olsson Capital. If you have ever doubted the world of digital money, the following 7 reasons to invest in cryptocurrency will surely make you see things more clearly.

It brings money back to the people using it

As there are about 1250 different types of cryptocurrency available across the world, there is no middleman to cut the profits you make. Transactions that occur in the digital currency world are recorded in a public ledger and the middleman is cut out by making every transaction a peer-to-peer act. To make it even better, manipulation of these ledgers are impossible, thus no fraud can occur.

The era of digital currencies is here to stay

Many digital currencies have seen quite a few volatile dips and managed to rise to success once again. Cryptocurrencies continue to grow and there is no way of stopping it – it has been set free into the world and will continue to thrive. The more a certain cryptocurrency grows, the more secure an investor feels about investing his or her hard-earned capital.

ICO’s offer high returns on your investments

An initial coin offering (ICO) is made to investors and they enjoy very high returns. It is important to know that not all ICO’s are successful so you need to do your homework as to which ICO you are going to choose to invest in. Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Altcoin and Bitcoin have increased significantly in value, thus investors tend to choose cryptocurrencies that are well-known and hold a lot of promise toward the future. Remember though, when investing in different types of cryptocurrencies, your chances of making a profit is much higher than sticking it out with just one currency.

Some regulations offer more security

China made its ban on ICO’s known a while ago and the entire world was shocked to see regulations creeping up on the cryptocurrencies that were supposed to be untouchable by the government. Some of the regulations put in place, however, are done in such a way to offer the investor more security about investing huge amounts of money. If proper control is implemented over ICO’s, it will be easier to spot the scams among them.

The technology of cryptocurrencies are always improving

For many people, the concept of cryptocurrencies, investing in it and understanding it is simply impossible. Digital currencies are forever developing and experts are constantly finding new ways to make the trading and buying of currencies easier and more user-friendly. While many of the currencies are almost only used by expert traders, soon, the average trader and all other people will understand the world of digital money as development around the currencies happen every day.

The revolution of digital currencies

Many developed countries have already accepted Bitcoin as a legal way of payment. ATM’s and other means of transferring Bitcoin are already in motion and make the lives of Bitcoin users much easier. In many cases, Bitcoin payments are the top preferred method of paying for items. It even surpasses the preferred way of paying via plastic or cash!  As the rush for cryptocurrency can be seen as a type of “gold-rush” the more people using cryptocurrencies will make the currency more popular, more volatile and therefore, more revolutionised.

A lot of investors think that it is too late to jump on the cryptocurrency train. But, as mentioned, the digital currency world keeps developing and new ways of making these currencies usable are being tried and tested every day. If you are an investor that feels that you want to invest in cryptocurrency but are hesitant, you need to take the leap of faith. Although the market is highly volatile, over a period of time, it is evident that crypto money is going to fly off the charts within the following couple of years and by that time, a wide variety of new and innovative ways will be found to make investing in cryptocurrency the best investment choice ever.

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