5 of the Highest Paying Accountancy Jobs in the United States


If you’re good with numbers and you see yourself working within an office environment throughout your career, landing a job in the accountancy industry will do you many favors. Not only does the industry offer many career opportunities in various sectors and industries but you’ll also find it’s much easier to get onto the accountancy career ladder when compared with other careers. If you’re looking for reasons to start a career as an accountant, have a look at some of the salaries on offer from some of the highest paying accountancy jobs available.

1. Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Becoming a CFO isn’t going to come without its challenges and you’ll need to be at least an
accountant manager with a host of experience serving the industry. However, with a median salary of $120,449 on offer, setting targets to become a CFO in the future will pay dividends. You’ll oversee all financial operations and it’s you who’ll make the important decisions to take the business forward.

2. Accounting Professor

If you feel that a teaching role is more up your street, becoming an accounting professor may
provide more benefits. Once you’ve completed your necessary masters in accounting (an online
accounting degree is a good choice) and the other relevant degrees via the UAB Collat School of Business, you could find yourself in a learning role that teaches others more about the world of accounting. A median salary of $113,089 is very much possible in this field, but top professionals have been known to earn nearly $250,000.

3. Corporate Controller

As a corporate controller, you’ll have a lot of responsibility within an organization – and that’s why you’ll be rewarded with a top salary package that could see you earn anything between $80,000 – $200,000 per year depending on the industry you work in. Tracking and monitoring financial processes is a big part of the job, so you’ll be well challenged every day should you opt for a career as a corporate controller.

4. Information Systems Accountant

If you prefer a more technical role that includes working with data and computers, a role as an Information Systems Accountant would suit you. Creating detailed reports, analyzing previous reports and auditing are just some of the daily tasks you’ll oversee. With an industry that is expected to grow well into the 2020s and a basic salary of more than $80,000 on offer, becoming an Information Systems Accountant should be a strong consideration if you like technology and working with numbers.

5. Compliance Officer

If you want to work in an office environment but at the same time, you’d like to mix up your week by visiting other organizations, becoming a compliance officer should be considered. As a compliance officer, it’s your job to determine whether an organization follows national and state trading laws. You can expect to earn over $60,000 on average as a compliance officer.
There are hundreds of various careers available in the finance/accounting industry, so you’ll never be short of choice once you’ve obtained the relevant degrees. With more and more businesses starting every month, becoming an accountant could be one of the top career choices for a competitive salary.

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