4 Point Saliva Cortisol Test for Adrenal Fatigue


In my quest to treat adrenal fatigue naturally, I have found some lab testing to be very helpful. First off, a complete thyroid panel with Free T3, Free T4, total T4, Reverse T3, TSH, and the two types of thyroid antibodies. I actually recently pulled this myself as I was curious what my levels were. The other test that I think is extremely helpful is the four point saliva cortisol test. I recently completed this and received my results.

Cortisol is highest in the morning and then drops as the day progresses. Optimal cortisol follows that curve. My cortisol test came back low, low, high, high. The only one that was way out of range was the “evening” one. I am now taking PS 100 about an hour before each high was recorded- around 4pm and then 9pm. That will hopefully help get my cortisol back on track and the theory is that if you bring down the highs, the lows will come up. If I don’t feel like it’s helping bring the lows up, I will use Thorne Adrenal Cortex to bring up the lows. My thinking is that the lows really aren’t that low, so hopefully they will start to rise as my cortisol falls.

I’m also trying to make sure that my blood sugar is balanced. It seems as though people with adrenal fatigue experience reactive hypoglycemia symptoms and I am really bad about making sure that I’m eating on time. Sometimes I wait until I’m starting to get shaky and that’s terrible. I also have been making sure to eat protein, fat, and carbs together. Before bed, I make sure I have a snack. When I don’t, I’ve been waking up with my heart pounding in the middle of the night! It’s a terrible feeling!

My functional medicine doctor is also exploring the possibility of mold toxicity. I am hoping and praying that is not the root cause of all of this. I’m hoping it is just adrenal and thyroid problems. I think personally my case is more adrenal than thyroid, as I tried thyroid hormones but couldn’t tolerate them. I could be wrong, but that’s my gut feeling. It also seems like my body produces adequate t4 according to labs, but it’s not converting it properly. So frustrating.

A lot of the days I feel overwhelmed by anxiety. I have always had anxiety, but this is different. It’s like I’m a stranger in my body. I feel like I can’t control the anxiety or completely relax no matter what I do. I have never felt so bad in my life. I’m really hopeful that sharing my experience can help someone else, and in a few months I hope to be able to come back and share that I am feeling completely better! Healing is a journey. I think that’s probably what is so hard is not being able to do something and wake up completely better. I’m going to keep fighting and praying and will make it through this!

If you are struggling from chronic fatigue, anxiety, or overwhelm, please seek out a full thyroid panel at least. I’ve found the four point saliva cortisol test to be very helpful too. The best bet is to look for a functional or alternative medicine doctor.

I am not a doctor, and this is just my personal experience. Please visit a medical professional for any medical questions you may have.

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