12 Days of Christmas Costs How Much in 2009?


Have you ever wondered how much it would cost if you bought everything from the famous Christmas song “12 Days of Christmas”? Well lucky you, the lovely folks at PNC have figured it out. This year, it will cost you a whopping $21,465.56. Last year it only would have cost you $21,080.10.

Here’s the breakdown:
12 Drummers Drumming- $2,475.20
11 Pipers Piping- $2,284.80
10 Lords a Leaping- $4,413.61
9 Ladies Dancing- $5,473.07
8 Maids a Milking- $58.00
7 Swans a Swimming $5,250.00
6 Geese a Laying- $150.00
4 Calling Birds- $599.96
3 French Hens- $45.00
2 Turtle Doves- $55.98
1 Partridge in a Pear Tree- $159.99

Knowing useless information such as this? Priceless. 🙂

Photo from afunhouse

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3 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas Costs How Much in 2009?

  1. Robert says:

    So, how does one put a price on “Lords a Leaping”? 😀


    Mrs Money Reply:

    It’s funny- they called them “skilled laborers”. I don’t they are actual “lords” 😉


  2. Miss M says:

    Wow, what a price difference between a milkmaid and a dancer! Why would anyone be a milkmaid in that case? How many hours of labor are they basing this on? Those swans are might pricey too.


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