$1 a Night Movie Rental- Redbox, Moviecube, Blockbuster


73980400.jpgI’ve recently discovered Redbox at McDonald’s. Let me tell you, I am in love with the idea. I have always been the type of person that hates renting movies because I walk into Blockbuster or Hollywood Video, peruse the aisles for 30 minutes, and still have a hard time picking a movie I am interested in. With Redbox or Moviecube, I can view the selection online, take my time picking it out, run up to the machine, grab a movie, and come home. They will sometimes give out codes for free movies (normally on Mondays) and sometimes if you buy something McDonalds is promoting, you’ll get a free Redbox code as well. The code BREAKROOM is the code they give out for a free first time rental, and you can use this again if you have another credit card to use it with. Keep in mind Redbox will authorize your card for $1, so that amount will be on hold, and if you are using your debit card, it may get you in trouble.

Movies have become so expensive these days that I don’t go to the movies unless it’s a special occasion or there is a movie I am dying to see. When I go, I make sure to use my National City Everyday Rewards Credit card to get the 2% cash back. It’s also inevitable that once you walk into the movie theater, you’re going to want a soda or some popcorn to enjoy during your movie. When you rent with Redbox or Moviecube, you can make your own popcorn at home or buy snacks and take them home to enjoy. It’s a great situation.

If you haven’t rented from a Redbox or Moviecube, I encourage you to do so! Now that you’ve got your free code, there’s no excuse!

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3 thoughts on “$1 a Night Movie Rental- Redbox, Moviecube, Blockbuster

  1. Charlie says:

    Yeah! they sure are providing cheap fun. And now redbox has also released this service on an iphone application, which has made things even more easy.
    Thank you


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